A year ago, directing duo Johan Bring and David Strindberg made the highly acclaimed slow motion video Synrise for Belgian electro band Goose. Now they continue the slow narration in their first short film - Tartarus.

Some primitive creatures move slowly in a barren landscape. The wind wines and a few grunts bounces between the rocks. The creatures live in a different world, harmonious and very uneventful. They scratch their heads, dig in the soil. After a few almost painfully slow opening scenes, something happens that shakes them in the ground. An event that they can not understand that crushes their harmony.

The long scenes and the lack of dialogue is a conscious choice. The directors want the audience to feel as if they are part of the movie - that they are in place.

- As the harmony of this world is shaken the audience will not only see it on the screen. They will feel it in their whole body, says David Strindberg.

- We don't think that dialogues are always necessary. You should have time to reflect and make your own interpretations. We care only about doing things that we enjoy ourselves, hopefully there are more weirdos out there who like this, says Johan Bring.

The environments are beautiful and grand. Dazzling white stone deserts, savannahs and deep green valleys of reddish limestone creates a meditative mood. An atmosphere that is enhanced by Mats Björks / kompjotr eplektrikas electronic music.

David Strindberg and Johan Bring are brothers and operates the production company PUNX STHLM since 2009. The company produces commercials, idents and music videos. With Tartarus PUNX STHLM also becomes a film company.

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Title: Tartarus
Duration: 43min

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